Galleon Ventures LLC is a historical shipwreck exploration and salvage company who is partnered with legendary treasure
hunter Burt D. Webber, Jr. of Seaquest International, LLC. Utilizing proprietary technology and armed with years of research that
Mr. Webber has personally conducted, Galleon, along with Seaquest are currently working a project in Colombia to locate,
salvage and conserve artifacts and treasures recovered from a 17th century treasure-laden Spanish galleon that has been dubbed
Operation Mystery Galleon.

Mr. Webber's legendary status was cemented in 1978, when after years of searching for the Nuestra Senora de La Concepcion
that went down in 1641, he finally located the famous shipwreck along with it's sizable treasure of some 60,000 silver coins,
which in 2012 money is in excess of $50 million dollars.